FAQs Prix Média Newcomer awards

  • Introduce yourself: Name, Study, Work, Date of Birth
  • Give a brief introduction to the topic and give an insight into the measures planned to ensure scientific quality (e.g. type of research, interview partners, etc.)
  • Form of the contribution (video, mobile journalism, classic report, other)
  • Possibly give a short insight into the planned research (interviews, evaluation of studies, classical research, etc.)

The project outlines will be judged with regard to the scientific-journalistic potential of the contribution, the creativity and independence of the idea and the scientific character. Original or novel formats will be evaluated particularly positively.

The application can be submitted as pdf or via wetransfer as video file by mail to info@prixmedia.ch.

No, the Prix Média Newcomer is a grant for research. Three science journalism projects are each sponsored with 3000.- swiss francs and a winner's prize of 4000.- swiss francs is awarded.

In May, all applicants will be informed personally by e-mail about the awarding of the research grants.

The three winners will have time from the opening in May to mid-August to implement the contributions. From mid-August until ScienceComm20’ in mid-september, the winner will be chosen by public voting. He or she will then receive the Prix Média Newcomer Prize worth 4000.- swiss francs.

The prizes will be awarded during ScienceComm'20 on 19 September 17th 2020.